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Podcast on Serendipitous Events published

11 February 2019

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At the last meeting of the Doppler group, where we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, my colleagues Evan, Neal, Zhamak and myself had a discussion about "serendipitous events". This is the idea of publishing events without knowing whether anyone will consume them, in the hope to create moments of serendipity, where someone discovers information in the enterprise that they can use to create new value. It's an intriguing idea that is too complex to fit the short description we can put on the radar.

Right Sourcing book is now published

10 June 2013

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SKU-000654545 One of the aspects of our industry that I find most exciting is the amount of change and progress. Sometimes that progress means that even ideas that have come to be considered accepted wisdom need to be revisited. In some of my talks I've been arguing for a while now that we need to reconsider the general preference for buying software (over building it).

At the same time Rien Dijkstra was in the process of editing a collection of essays on the topic of sourcing IT and he kindly invited me to contribute my ideas. I was more than happy to accept his offer and I am proud to be part of this collaboration. A preview of my essay has been published on this site as an article series. Now the book is published and widely available.

Building another Hackintosh

24 September 2012

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Three years ago, unhappy with Apple's hardware lineup, I decided to dip my toes into the Hackintosh world. It was a resounding success and the machine I built back then has served me well. So, last month, with Intel's Ivy Bridge and Apple's Mountain Lion out, I decided to build another Hackintosh. I have written up my experience in this article.

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

06 March 2009

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97 Things... Admittedly, I've been struggling with the "Architect" title in the IT world. It is not that I think there's no role for architecture, far from it, but too often I've encountered architects who focus too narrowly on architecture, losing track of the realities of actual software development and the context in which the software will be used. I wonder, if there was no "Architect" title and people who are responsible for architecture would be called guide or coach or tech lead, or just the senior developer, whether things would be better.

About a year ago, in a discussion about architects, rather than trying to define what an architect is or does, we looked at what he or she should know. We expressed our ideas as mini-essays, strictly limiting ourselves to one per essay, and it turned out that, at least to my surprise, there was a lot of agreement; maybe because we hadn't come up with hard and fast rules but with ideas and guidelines.

Luckily Richard Monson-Haefel was part of that discussion and he had the resolve and means to make our thoughts more widely available. Our list of the 97 things every architect should know was collected and refined on this wiki, and is available under a creative commons license. For a more convenient read it has now also been published as a book by O'Reilly. As expected, the discussions have begun.

Guardian podcast

04 May 2008

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Of the many projects I have worked on the rewrite of the Guardian website is certainly a highlight. And in this case I can even speak about it in detail. In fact, Mat Wall from the Guardian and I presented some of our experiences at several conferences, and now the Software Engineering Radio has published a podcast in which we talk about this project.

The ThoughtWorks Anthology

26 March 2008

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It has been in the making for some time but now the ThoughtWorks Anthology is available from the Pragmatic Programmers. The Anthology is a collection of essays written by individual authors from ThoughtWorks covering a wide range of topics that we encounter on our projects. My essay finally gets our thinking on Domain Annotations into writing, after we had presented the ideas at a couple of conferences. A more in-depth description of the Anthology can be found on the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Interview on Software Visualisation

27 November 2007

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I have looked at applications of visualisations techniques to improve software quality for good while now, and at a QCon conference earlier this year Floyd Marinescu and I chatted about my current thinking. If you are interested, the full interview has been published on InfoQ now. More here.

Agile and Open Source

25 December 2006

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I'm completely convinced that development processes following the ideas outlined in the Agile Manifesto have helped us tremendously when delivering software for our clients at ThoughtWorks. (You noticed that I didn't just say "Agile processes"; this term has become overloaded to the point of being almost meaningless. It's good to go back to first principles.) At the same time I'm involved with a few Open Source projects.

So, what's in the intersection of these two topics? The answer is in an article that has been published in this month's issue of Linux User.

I know this is not available freely and I will make this article available online soon.

What we think about SOA

07 April 2006

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Ian Cartwright and I had many many discusions about SOA, what it means for us, for the industry, whether it's something revolutionary or just a rebranding excercise.

We finally managed to get our thoughts together and wrote and article that just appeared in the Business IT Interface section of the British Computing Society's site.

Read the full article here.