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The end of the Hackintosh era (for me)

27 June 2020

Posted in Clippings

Picture of my hackintoshSince 2009 a Hackintosh has been my main computer at home. In case you are unfamilar with the concept, a Hackintosh is a generic PC built from components that runs Apple's macOS. In hindsight this was a good choice at the time but a number of factors have now driven me to buy MacBook Pro for personal use.

With the announcements by Apple at WWDC this year a beautiful symmetry seems ahead. In 2006 I bought one of the first Intel MacBook Pros and now I bought what will likely be one of the last Intel MacBook Pros. And in case you're keeping track, my PowerBook (Pismo) is still functioning, but not used anymore.

I have updated my personal Hackintosh journal with a final chapter.


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