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Welcome! I'm Erik Dörnenburg, a software developer and consultant. I work at ThoughtWorks where I help our clients write and deliver custom software.

Somehow I also find time to speak at conferences and to maintain a couple of open source projects.  more

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Video and code for my Rust talk now available

12 Feb 2020

A while ago I wrote a blog post about my first impressions of Rust. This has grown into a full talk introducing Rust to experienced developers, and the recording of that talk at YOW! Melbourne has just been released.

If you've read the post or watched the video you know that the code examples are taken from one of my hobby projects, an artificial life / genetic programming simulation. Because people have asked I've now made the code available in this Github repo. Please beware, though, there is no thorough documentation on what the simulator actually does and how to make sense of the output.

Podcast on Serendipitous Events published

11 Feb 2019

At the last meeting of the Doppler group, where we create the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, my colleagues Evan, Neal, Zhamak and myself had a discussion about "serendipitous events". This is the idea of publishing events without knowing whether anyone will consume them, in the hope to create moments of serendipity, where someone discovers information in the enterprise that they can use to create new value. It's an intriguing idea that is too complex to fit the short description we can put on the radar.

Path to DevOps article published in IEEE Software

05 Oct 2018

The IEEE Software magazine’s September/October issue is about Software Engineering’s 50th Anniversary. I contributed an article that is loosely based on my DevOps talk. It is available without subscription here (PDF).

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