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OCMock wins Google award

25 May 2023

Logo of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program

When I started OCMock almost 20 years ago, I would never have expected it to become so popular. Then again, at the time Objective-C was a niche language used only to develop (some) applications for the Mac. This changed with the iPhone, and dramatically so. And it changed again in about 2016 after Apple had introduced Swift and had made it very clear that Objective-C had not much of a role to play anymore. I wrote about the effect on OCMock a few years ago.

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Article on green cloud published

21 Nov 2023

Screenshot of the Cloud Carbon Footprint demo dashboard

Over the past year I’ve spent a fair amount of time getting my head around green software and what role cloud computing plays in that space. There’s a talk that I’m currently presenting at various conferences and events. If you just want the essentials there’s now an article that I wrote with my colleague Seema: Cloud Native Sustainability: Strategies for carbon reduction.

In the article, we explore how an organisation can reduce their carbon footprint by moving to the cloud and to cloud-native architectures. And that’s an important point right there: Shifting workloads from on-premises data centres to the cloud can significantly reduce carbon emissions, but to realise the full potential of carbon reductions that a cloud-based solution can offer you will have to move to a cloud-native architecture.

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Taking Copilot to difficult terrain

09 Jun 2023

Logo of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program

Seeing all the experiments with GitHub Copilot around me I decided to take Copilot to some difficult terrain (pun intended, see below). A lot of the positive experience is reported with very common programming languages, JavaScript and Python especially, writing code related to web applications. But how would Copilot fare with a less common language and code that’s involving more complicated data structures? To find out I turned to Crellinor, my genetic programming / artificial life simulator written in Rust, which I have talked about before; and I set out to fix some todo’s in the Terrain class.

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Podcast on Green Cloud published

08 Jun 2023

The podcast team at the Handelsblatt newspaper invited me to an episode of their So klingt Wirtschaft podcast. Jana Samsonova and I talk about green computing, responsible use of technology, and how moving to a public cloud can reduce CO2 emissions. As you may have guessed at this stage, the podcast is in German.

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DX platforms – recording now available

29 Apr 2023

Developer experience platforms have been a hot topic for a while now, and I've talked about them with many of our clients. Last year, I distilled the essence from those client presentations into a talk that I gave a GeeCON Prague, and now the team have made the recording of the talk available on YouTube. DX platforms are not as hyped at Gen AI but if you want to make your developer teams more effective, they are certainly something to look into.

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Travel – the new normal?

02 Jan 2023

Column chart showing number of trips, cities, and countries travelled between 2011 and 2022

Travelling is part of being a consultant, and speaking at conferences added an extra amount of travel for me. The Covid-19 pandemic changed this quite dramatically, and looking back at 2022 I am wondering what the “new normal” could be after the pandemic.

The chart above shows some key figures related to my business travel over the past eleven years: the numbers of trips, cities, and countries I visited. A single trip can, and sometimes did, include multiple cities and countries.

The years up to 2019 differ in the details but overall the level of travel is relatively high. In 2020 this changes very visibly, and travel remains low in the “second year of corona”. Even in those years, though, there was some travel: in the first months of 2020, before the lockdowns started, and then the first trips again in autumn 2021. Barcelona in October 2021—to write a new Technology Radar—was the first trip by the way, and GOTO Copenhagen in November 2021 the first in-person conference.

In 2022, travel activity is picking up again, mostly towards the end of the year. It feels too early to make any predictions about what the new normal will look like, but I suspect it’ll remain significantly lower than in the pre-pandemic years.

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