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Ready for Rust – new recording

02 June 2022

Posted in Clippings

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about my first impressions of Rust. This has grown into a full talk introducing Rust to experienced developers, which I have given a number of times. This is (so far) my favourite version, from GOTO Copenhagen 2021. By the way, this was my first in-person conference following the Covid outbreak.

If you've read the post or watched the video you know that the code examples are taken from one of my hobby projects, an artificial life / genetic programming simulation. Because people have asked I've now made the code available in this Github repo. Please beware, though, there is no thorough documentation on what the simulator actually does and how to make sense of the output. Since I wrote the talk the codebase has evolved a little bit, too. If you want the exact version that the talk's based on, please choose the initial version of the code in the repository.