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Video and code for my Rust talk now available

12 Feb 2020

A while ago I wrote a blog post about my first impressions of Rust. This has grown into a full talk introducing Rust to experienced developers, and the recording of that talk at YOW! Melbourne has just been released.

If you've read the post or watched the video you know that the code examples are taken from one of my hobby projects, an artificial life / genetic programming simulation. Because people have asked I've now made the code available in this Github repo. Please beware, though, there is no thorough documentation on what the simulator actually does and how to make sense of the output.

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The ideal programming language

08 Feb 2022

It was fantastic to be at an in-person conference again, at GOTO Copenhagen last November. After delivering my Rust talk, Lars Jensen moderated a coversation between me and Richard Feldman of Elm fame. Based on the party keynote, in which Mark Rendle had presented his idea of the worst programming language ever, Richard and I chatted about the ideal programming langauge. The video has now been released.

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A new Thoughtworks screen saver

22 Jan 2022

Somehow I have a weak spot for screen savers, for writing screen savers that is. The combination of programming, maths, and beauty is just very appealing to me. So, when Thoughtworks went through the brand refresh last summer I took that as an invitation to write a new company screen saver. (I had written the previous ones, too.) The new screen saver animates one of the illustrations that were created as part of the brand refresh.

It is written in Swift but this time I didn't go for the low-level Metal graphics APIs. Instead, I used a higher-level abstraction (CALayers) that make the code simple while still providing decent performance. The code is open source and available on Github here.

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A new web commenting system

10 Feb 2021

On websites like this one it’s still a good idea to add the option for readers to leave comments, I would argue. It opens the door for a dialogue.

Of course, I could simply add commenting functionality with one of the well-known software as a service commenting systems, but somehow I don’t want to force you, my visitors, to open accounts on some third-party system, and I’m trying to be privacy conscious with this website, which I wrote about in this post. For these reasons I chose the Juvia system many years ago. Unfortunately, at some point Juvia became unmaintained, and I found it harder and harder to run a Rails application with outdated dependencies.

Rather than trying to fix Juvia, which some other folks are doing now, I decided to write my own commenting system. (NIH is acceptable when it’s a hobby project.) Today, I’m happy to announce that a first version is in operation on this site and that the system is available as open source software.

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