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OCMock wins Google award

25 May 2023

Posted in Miscellaneous

Logo of the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program

When I started OCMock almost 20 years ago, I would never have expected it to become so popular. Then again, at the time Objective-C was a niche language used only to develop (some) applications for the Mac. This changed with the iPhone, and dramatically so. And it changed again in about 2016 after Apple had introduced Swift and had made it very clear that Objective-C had not much of a role to play anymore. I wrote about the effect on OCMock a few years ago.

Of course, there were many large legacy applications for the iPhone that were written in Objective-C, and for that reason OCMock has remained popular even today. To be honest, it’s relatively feature complete, and I haven’t spent much time on it in the past couple of years, which makes it even more rewarding to see OCMock recognised now as one of the winners in the Google Open Source Peer Bonus program.