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OCMock 1.70 released

24 August 2010

Posted in Releases

Great contributions from the community keep coming to OCMock and I've now rolled them into a new release.

A major focus of this release was improved support for iPhone/iOS, and I'm happy to say that OCMock can now build as a static library for iOS and it fully supports tests on devices. There is also improved documentation on the OCMock website and an iPhone example app that shows in detail how to set up a project.

Other features of this release are support for blocks, both for call verification and argument checks, a new method to forward calls from a partial mock to the real object, which can be useful in cases where you want to verify that a method is called but still rely on the real implementation, and, last but not least, a method to reject calls on nice mocks.

More details on the OCMock page at Mulle Kybernetik.