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While I am still working on the now long overdue book on software visualisations, I have over the years contributed essays and chapters to several other books. This page lists these contributions.

Right Sourcing

edited by Rien Dijkstra, John Gøtze and Pieter van der Ploeg – AuthorHouse 2013

The overall goal of the book is to communicate to a large audience how Right Sourcing has a great potential to help organizations to optimize resource use, to cut waste of human labor and energy, and capital. To increase awareness on this potential, the Sourcing Initiative is writing a non-profit making internationally collaborative book.

Based on some central ideas from my talk on Enterprise Architecture I contributed an essay on what I call the Buy versus Build Shift. A draft version of the essay has been published on my blog and can be downloaded here.

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

edited by Richard Monson-Haefel – O'Reilly Media 2009

In a discussion about architects on a mailing list we played with a different perspective on architects. Rather than trying to define what an architect is or does, we looked at what he or she should know. We expressed our ideas as mini-essays, strictly limiting ourselves to one idea per essay, and it turned out that, at least to my surprise, there was a lot of agreement.

Luckily, Richard Monson-Haefel was part of that discussion and he had the resolve and means to make our thoughts more widely available. Our list of the 97 things every architect should know was collected and refined on this wiki, and is available under a creative commons license. For a more convenient read it was also published as a book by O’Reilly, and it lead to a whole series of "97 Things…" books.


The ThoughtWorks Anthology

Pragmatic Bookshelf 2008

Many of us at ThoughtWorks have blogs where we publish larger or smaller articles about current technical topics. These articles are often interesting to a wider audience but they are hard to find. So, at some point we decided to team up with the Pragmatic Programmers and publish collections of essays in an anthology format.

For the first anthology I contributed an essay on Domain Annotations. The key idea is to take the concepts from Domain Driven Design and extend their usage to annotations, i.e. that language construct in the Java language. The essay actually uses .NET for the code examples. I've presented the idea in a talk, too.


Applying Domain Driven Design and Patterns

by Jimmy Nilsson – Addison Wesley 2006

When writing a book about applying domain-driven design and successful design patterns to .NET development, Jimmy Nilsson asked his colleagues and friends to provide content about a few advanced topics for the last section of the book.

I was more than happy to contribute a chapter on the history and application of the Dependency Injection pattern. The chapter is based on the ideas I presented in a talk at the Øredev conference in Malmö. It's a strange coincidence that this is the city at one end of the bridge depicted on the book cover.