Back in Europe

14 September 2010

So, I’ve just moved back to Europe after three fantastic years in Australia. One thing I’ll miss for sure is living just a few minutes away from the beach, but on the upside I’m now in easy travelling distance to a lot of great conferences. The following is a list of conferences and gatherings that I’ll be at, and in some case will also speak at. Hope to see you at one!

By the way, you’ve probably noticed that I updated the theme of this site to reflect my new hometown, Hamburg; the picture shows part of the town hall.


  1. Arjen Poutsma

    14 September 2010, 19:21

    Welcome back!

    See you at JAX & JAOO :)


  2. John

    14 September 2010, 22:03

    It’s been great to have you in Australia. I learnt a lot about TDD and Agile from you. Hope to see you in Europe!

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