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I'm Erik Dörnenburg, a software developer and consultant. I work at ThoughtWorks, where I help our clients write and deliver custom software. Somehow I also find time to speak at conferences and to maintain a couple of open source projects.  more

News and Events

30 April: The May Technology Radar is out and my presentation of it in Hamburg has been recorded. more

22 May: CCMenu 1.10 has hit the App Store. Now with configurable notifications and a Yosemite-style icon. more

30 June: Together with Philip Garbe from AutoScout24 and Markus Schmidberger from Amazon, I will talk about development in the cloud at the AWS Summit in Berlin. more

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The limits of the MacBook Pro's cooling system

11 Apr 2015

Power Gadget ScreenshotMy work computer is a 15" MacBook Pro. Its performance is definitely good enough for serious software development, even if the Scala compiler and the IntelliJ indexer do push it at times. In fact, performance is so good that I have been wondering how Apple and Intel have managed to get that much CPU power, and the requisite cooling, into such a small machine. That is, small when compared to desktop or workstation computers.

In contrast, my Hackintosh at home now has about 800g of metal hanging off the mainboard to cool the CPU. Granted, it is overclocked, which requires disproportionally more cooling, and it is about 50% faster than the MacBook but, still, I found it surprising just how much less cooling the MacBook seems to need.

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Interview on privacy and security released

06 Jan 2015

At GOTO Aarhus 2014 Ola Bini hosted a discussion with Martin Fowler, Tim Bray, and myself covering topics such as browser security, identity providers, password managers, monopolisation of internet services, and the future of mass surveillance.

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